Red hot.

May 26, 2010

I recently had a discussion with a friend-of-a-friend who works in the fashion industry. He mentioned that he finds it interesting the justification process that women often use when shopping, which apparently men are not as apt to do.  I am definitely guilty of this justification. You know, the “Well I HAD to get that pair of boots, because I need black comfortable boots which I can wear through at least 2 seasons and they are in INVESTMENT.” Or, I HAVE to get those shoes because I don’t have any heels that height and that color that I can wear in the month of May exclusively and I had a REALLY bad week so I TOTALLY deserve to take care of myself…” I imagine at this point in my ranting, my average female reader is smiling and nodding because I know you do it to, and my average male reader is shaking his head in wonderment at the craziness of the female thought process. Yes, we can be just this crazy.

So after a recent positive life change (aka- promotion!) I FINALLY have a good reason to do a little shopping. I mean, I’ll have (slightly) more income and this is a reason to celebrate and reward myself and…  I know, I know, it SOUNDS like a justification, but this time it is completely different! I Swear! Really! Believe me!

Ok. So I didn’t buy that either. But reality is, I’m going to celebrate a new position with a new pair of shoes. I’ve been contemplating a pair of coral heels for probably the past 2 years, but have just never had a good enough justification for them. Until now.

Look at these!

Christian Louboutin Lady Sling. Coral. Peep-toe. Patent. Perfect. And if you look carefully, you can spot that red-hot sole that would certainly spice up my wardrobe!  Bluefly has the shoe listed for a cool $596 (retail $745). They even have it in  my size (9- in case anyone is in a charitable mood!). Sadly, though, I will have to keep searching. Promotion in my line of work means I’ll have to wait a few years on these heels, and maybe just get a pair of coral flip-flops this time.  Still, a girl can dream…


Party like it’s 1999…

November 16, 2008

Stealing an idea from a dear friend, I’ve decided to put togather an outfit for a fabulous New York, New Years party.

Start with the dress. Here I actually went with one I could possibly afford. I went with black last year, so I decided to look for a little color. Really want a red dress, but couldn’t find one I like. I’m still looking around, but this is my favorite so far: Nicole Miller Satin Bustier Dress, $210 at Nordstrom. Gorgeous.

Now for shoes. Here we move into “who are you kidding” price range. I would LOVE to dance in the New Year in the Valentino Mena Leather Pumps, which would put me out a mere $695 at Saks. Let’s all drool togather over these…


Now for the accessories: I decided to keep my head in the clouds for these. Tiffany’s Victoria earrings are amazing, and would only put me out $6,475. Not that I think I’d ever be invited to a holiday party fabulous enough for these, but remember that I’m already wearing Valentino in this fantasy…


Maybe I’ll pick up a bracelet from H&M, just to even out the cost a little. Now I only have one accessory left to shop for, which may be the hardest to find: a date worthy.

I have fallen off the wagon. The thing that I loved about this blog was that I could do the shopping without making my bank account cry. It worked well in theory – but then I did a bad bad thing. I made a purchase. Then another.

Hi. I’m Stu, and I’m addicted to shopping.

What was so amazing that I could not resist dusting off the plastic and letting old habits return with avengence? Simple. Shoes. I’ve started a new job, and **needed** new shoes. This pair that most recently captured my heart are the Bandolino Input boots. Normally $149, now $99 (but if you want them go to a store, mine was on sale there!). I’ve bought a few pairs from Bandolino in the past year, and they have yet to let me down.

Now, time to put the credit cards back on ice. Less shopping, more dreaming. This could be easier said than done…

To answer your question…  Yes, I am referring to the Wizard of Oz. No, I did not find a pair of Ruby Slippers that don’t scream “Trick or Treat.” For those of you who are not aware, the Wizard of Oz, like many movies, was first a novel. In the original story, Dorothy wears Silver Shoes, not ruby-studded stilettos. I did look into Ruby Slippers to appease the 8-year-old version of me who wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween (even though I chose to be the witch for 5 consecutive years). The shoes I found were more scary than the witch and all her flying monkeys combined. Judge for yourself…

Where MGM went wrong, L. Frank Baum had it right. Silver shoes were a much better choice. I’d like to believe that Baum had these in mind when he wrote the story. With the help of a modern-day Glinda (called, and $792 (on sale now for $633!!), you too can click your heels togather and go anywhere your heart desires in Christian Louboutin silver beaded satin ‘Perchoir’ slingbacks. And if you have your heart set on the Ruby Slippers, at least with these you still get a little red!

Serious “Fabi” Fun

June 19, 2008

Good things do come from Connecticut. Like Betsey Johnson. The Fabi sandels are not listed on her website, but I spotted them on Nordstrom and Zappos for $200 (among other sites). Also in pink! With these gorgeous heels strapped to my feet, I’m convinced nothing could bring me down. Except maybe the heels…

In love with Delovely

June 10, 2008

It is amazing how a bad day can be so easially cured by a trip to DSW. For me, shoe shopping replaces therapy. A hundred bucks for an hour-long session? Forget that. I’d rather spend it on a pair of heels that I can wear out on a Saturday night and feel fabulous for a few hours, even with the inevitable hangover that shoes and saturdays both seem to bring…

I have been on a color kick since December when I spied a pair of BCBG heels in a briliant blue. The past few months I’ve found myself drooling over yellow shoes. Maybe it’s the weather. I found these
here today and fell in love! They are the Stuart Weitzman ‘Delovely’ Patent Leather Sandal.