Green, meet green.

May 28, 2009

Found this at a street fair in my neighborhood. MIGHT have purchased it…


I think it’s the perfect bag to carry to a Saturday morning/afternoon brunch in the summer. I bought one in brown/green, but this one is pretty too! I tried 9unsuccessfully) to find a¬†screen shot of the green one. Too bad, since then the little play on words would have made more sense…

The bag is made by a little company called Engage Green. I found them at a street fair in my neighborhood, and the woman who sells (and designs!) them was super nice. My love for this company is threefold: 1) they are locally based, 2) their products are made from woven recycled paper, plastic, cork, cotton, and hemp, and 3) they are pretty colors!

Moral of the story: when green meets green, I am more than willing to shell out a bit of green.