I need a drill.

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not such the “girly-girl” that my prior posts have painted me as. Yes, I love shopping and shoes. It’s true, my inner 1950’s housewife has dreams of greeting my future Mr. Right with a perfectly prepared dinner, all while dressed in (just!) heels and an apron…

But despite my love for kitchen tools, kitten heels, and shiny things, I also have a history with wrenches, hammers, and hacksaws. I make no claims to be Rose the Riveter, but I am certainly not clueless as to how to proceed when reading my Ikea furniture directions. Being an Independent Single Gal of the modern world, I have found it helpful to have basic knowledge of “How to fix stuff when it breaks.” It may be fun to play Damsel in Distress from time to time- but when it comes down to real life situations I find that it is rarely a White Knight in Shining Armor who comes to help, but rather his creepy older uncle the plumber. I shudder at the thought.

Having moved not long ago, I am still in the furnishing/installing process. As I have now lived 5 long months without window-dressing, I decided to use my day off to install curtain rods. Quickly discovering that I am not well-versed in wall anchors, I called placed a quick call to Mr. Fix-It himself (Daddy).  In our brief conversation, I came to realize that I somehow have managed to live the past 3 years dependent on Roommate tools, and have acquired only one of my own. A hacksaw, if you must know. Don’t ask. So I inform my father that I will head to the hardware store to purchase a power drill. I also inform him that I plan to buy one that is pink, or floral if possible. Here is the point in the conversation that, with the anticipated mocking groan and muttering about “..women,” he handed the phone over to Mom.

So now I search the internet. Can I indeed find my coveted pink paisley power drill?  Still searching, but I did find the promising site Tomboy Tools.

Nothing says “Girl Power” quite like a pink power drill! For only $89  you could make me be the proud owner of this empowering tool. Drill bits and tips sold separately (in cute pink boxes). Did I mention they have a great mission to empower women, and have in the past have partnered up with Susan G. Komen to fight breast cancer?  Pink tools for a Cause – does it get any better?!

Well, yes it could.  If only I could find a purple skill saw..