spice up my life

February 3, 2010

I’m working at spicing up my life.

I’ll spare you all the “TMI” details, but I will say that I’ve been trying to identify what in life makes me happy and unhappy. You know… spend more time being happy. After some serious soul-searching, I found that (among other things) I LOVE to cook. I know, you probably already figured that out, but I’ve always been a week late and, like, $49.95 short on these things.

Now that I’m busy cooking up a storm, how much fun would THIS be?

Kuhn Rikon Herb Chopper. All new from Williams-Sonoma. Only $19.95! This would definitely help me to find better use of my Thyme…


I am sick. Not horribly sick, but sick enough to want to stay in all day in comfy clothes and eat chicken soup. Since I am living nowhere near my mother (and having no money), I decided to make my own soup. This was an endevor for me, as I’ve never actually made normal, grandma-style chicken soup before. Also, I only have a very small soup pot. But despite no recipe and no and a teeny tiny pot, I decided to strap on my apron (from Anthropologie, of course) and go domestic. Two trips to the store and two hours later, I am enjoying the fruits (well, veggies) of my labor. I’m tempted to say better than my mother’s chicken soup, but she might someday figure out how to turn on her computer and then I’ll be in trouble. But I’ll say it anyways… this soup is pretty damn good. June Clever’s got nothing on me!

In the spirit of today’s domesticism, I decided to shop for a bigger and better soup pot. Of course, I decided to shop for one that fulfills more than purely a functional purpose. Mauviel copper soup potThis one is rather fantastic to look at too!


I won’t pretend to know what makes one soup pot better than another, but I know that the Mauviel Copper Soup Station is certainly pretty! Available from William-Sonoma for $479.99.

Did I mention that I like pretty, shiny things? This soup pot makes me want to spend more time in my Anthro apron in the kitchen!