In search of art

February 1, 2009

I am a fan of art. I’ll spare you the quotes about art and life and love and all that (although I did consider adding a few to the post).  But I love art because it is all the pain and all the beauty of life, put on paper for us to see for us to experience through both our eyes and the eyes of the artist.  I refuse to buy mass produced, as I am a closet artist myself and I know that you put a piece of yourself into your work. This is why and for this reason I love supporting artists, and refuse to buy mass produced art from places like Pottery Barn. Now I’m done with the exisitential art-snob soapbox. On to the art!

I am looking for art for the very bare, very white walls in my bedroom. Now I know art is very personal, and what I love you probably wont. However, I ran across she hit pause studios on etsy, and wanted to let everyone else know about this guy. I actually saw the artist in December at his booth at the Union Square Holiday Market and I LOVED his prints. I think the process of his prints is almost as facinating as the prints themselves. They are vintage and sexy, yet whimsical and sweet at the same time. Apparently some of his prints have been made available through Anthropologie in the past. This is my favorite!

she hit pause studios










You can get an 8 X 10 for $65. It reminds me of being a little girl with big dreams. 

I also really love this one!gum-balls1 









The artist told me about setting this one up, which involved putting a woman in a bathtub with $225 worth of gumballs. I love the colors! Childhood candy, all grown up.


Bedframe day!

January 17, 2009

Like most Manhattanites, I live in a breadbox. Or shoebox. Or matchbox. Some kind of small box. When I moved into this box a few months ago, I decided to invest into underbed storage from the fabuolus Container Store (whichI love, even though they ate my entire first paycheck).  I bought and lugged home some fabulous containers, only to find that they did not fit under my bed.

Now this is the part of the story that a normal person would return the containers and get shorter ones. I, however, decided that it would apparently be a better idea to buy a new bedframe to fit my fabulous new plastic containers. I know. I ended up buying the cheapest one I could find. Nothing special – actually rather dull. Just about 6 inches higher than the frame that came for free. After months of searching, and weeks of fighting UPS to get it delivered, the frame is finally here and set up!

In celebration of bedframe day, I decided to shop for the bedframe that I really wanted. I have looked at a lot of frames in the past few months, but my all time favorite were on etsy. I found handmade steel frames by deliafurnature. I love them all, but this was my favorite: Spiral Bed with Canopy.


















I LOVE the canopy. I’ve always wanted one! Unfortunatly, this frame has no underbed storage. That of course is the main reason I didn’t get this one. That, or the $1000 price tag…