Rhymes and Fluff

December 11, 2009

 ‘Twas four weeks before Christmas and all through the house, there was decorating and merriment, and hopefully no mouse. 

The stocking was hung by the chimney with care; and sleeping nearby was little Zola Bear.

When suddenly, through the door, came a man with a tree –It was green and smelled pine-y, and filled us with glee!

They focused and straightened, wrapped it with ribbon and light- While I sat and watched, and photographed the night.

It was snowing outside, for the first time this year. And New York was dusted in car-exhaust and cheer.

And then, we were finished! I glowed all white and pink. “Hurray” She shouted, “Now we need a drink!”

So we filled up our cups with rum-spiked cocoa. But without any whipped cream, which is big a Christmas No-No.

So I ran to the store, and whipped some up fast! Happy Christmas to all- Wish yours is a blast!

Oh, yeah. I SO need this for next year!!

 Stainless Steel Cream Whipper. From Williams-Sonoma. $100.