I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that spring is here! Even if spring in the city means rain, rain, rain, and more rain. All this dreary weather makes me just want spring to end and summer to get here!

So after almost two straight weeks of rain, I needed a little pick me up. So of course, I did a little “windows shopping.”  Are you Mac users jealous you can’t use that pun? …No? Well I thought it was funny…

Anyways. I found these!

laidback elegance

Laidback Elegance Filagree Tumbler set. Available for $40  for thes set on UncommonGoods. Made from recycled glass. And so very pretty!

If I had these, all I’d need is a pitcher of something cold and delicious and three good friends. Oh yes – and a little sunshine!

Rainy Mondays… need I say more? Like most people within a three-state radius of me, I found myself dragging on this rainy Monday morning. Around noon, I was excited at the prospect of a break from the monotony – lunch time! Nothing like getting up, walking to the refrigerator, and walking back to the cubicle to brighten the day!
Except, then I remembered that I brought salad for lunch. Today I brought a spinach salad with mango, broccoli sprouts, red onion, and leftover salmon from last night’s dinner. Not the worst meal ever, but not exactly the soul food I was looking for to combat the Monday blues. But I’ve been trying to do this whole “saving money” thing and bring lunch to work.
And then I made the big mistake. I decided that instead of sitting at my desk for an hour (where I’d been sitting all morning, and would be inevitably be chained to all afternoon), I decided to go for a walk before it started REALLY raining. Unfortunately, that meant walking by Sephora. Of course I HAD to step in to get out of the rain. One hour, one small bag, and one hundred (plus) dollars later, I emerged with some fantastic new colors to brighten my spring. Too bad it was still raining…
But while we wait for the gloom to clear and warmer weather to arrive, let’s look at a few of the other pretty things that I saw that made me think of summer! I love the Moroccan Sunrise products, all Sephora brand:
Check out the rest on Sephora.com. I can almost hear the waves and feel the sand between my toes. I’m feeling warmer already! Bring on the sun!
moroccon palltte
pick me up:

love and spring

April 5, 2009

It’s that time of the year again… Spring is in the air! And we all know what happens in the spring time…

Well, that too.

Today was the first day where I felt like it was really spring. I even went out without a coat! For the first time since moving to Manhattan I felt like I was finally able to enjoy walking down the street, instead of speed walking home so that my nose doesn’t freeze and fall off. What made today even better was the street fair I stopped at on my way home. Sun + street food + shopping = an amazing Sunday afternoon! And you thought I was bad at math.

My favorite vendor of the afternoon: avalove. She is a poet who prints lithographs on clothing. You can purchase her amazing wearable art on etsy. Her work is unique, and each print is made in limited quantities.


It was love at first sight! I didn’t want to spend the money to buy one, but I just couldn’t help it. I was twitterpated!

It’s that time of year again… Tax Season! In true form, I have yet to start on my tax forms yet. So I decided that the best use of my pre-April 15 time would be to go out shop with the refund money that I am hoping to receive.  Good idea, yes? Right.

As you may remember, I have been on the prowl for a fabulous dress to wear to a few summer weddings. Specifically, my little brother will be getting married. An as his older, (mysteriously) single sister from Manhattan, I feel the need to find something fabulous. I’ve been eyeing one at Anthropologie for some time, and decided today to take the plunge.

I went. I shopped. I purchased.

Finely Furrowed Dress

The winner is the Finely Furrowed Dress, available from Anthropologie for $168. So in love. Now I’m off to do my taxes so that I can justify this lovely little purchase. Then maybe I’ll browse the net for shoes, a bag, and a”plus 1″ to match the dress!

Shameless Plug.

March 27, 2009

Shameless Plug.

Don’t get excited. This is not a post about lamps or any other electronic device, although I may re-use the title later if I find a fabulous lamp because I DO love word play. This is really just a shameless plug to let you know I’ve decided to start another, non-shopping related blog.

As you may (or may not) know, April is National Poetry Month or something like that. As poetry is an ever-dying art that I have had a certain affinity for since I was a little girl with a poetry journal, I decided to try out using my other wordpress blog, Stuzie Speaks, with a daily dose of poetry. At the moment: a Daily Haiku. I’ve never been one for follow-through, so well see how if goes. But if you have any appreciation for the dying art of metered verbiage, stop by and check it out! I’ve put a link on this page in case you ever decide to venture back to the page.

Now, back to what I do best. Shopping.

In other news…

March 25, 2009

And now for something completely different.

Normally, my lust for material possessions is more focused on pretty and shiny things. As for the more everyday items: these I have (and can generally I can afford). Today I started my daily post-work, tea-and-internet time on the Onion. I (shamefully) admit, I ended up there today by following a link on a friends Facebook page. Judge if you will, but statistically I’d venture to guess that you checked your FB page at least twice today since lunch today…

Anyways, back to the shopping at hand. After browsing through a few breaking news stories, I ventured into the online store for some windows-shopping (Ha Ha. Play on words cuz I use windows. See it’s funny becuase I use windows… Nevermind.). Found a few mugs that I’d love to drink my morning coffee out of! Like this one!


This one is fun too! Especially considering my current level of caffiene consumption, which seems to be slowly working its way back up to it’s college-days level. Both mugs are  sold for $7.99.


Apparently the Onion is good for more than just hard-hitting, serious journalism. Fun for shopping, too!

In high school and college, I was one of those girls who wears lots and lots of rings. You remember those girls… silver rings of various sizes and shapes on 8 of my 10 fingers. Unfortunatly, I also had a bad habit of playing with the rings, and using them as a distratcion in class. So, over they years I want from owning 8 or 9 rings down to only 4 or 5. Sad. Then, as I started a job and felt the need to appear more grown-up and professional, I went down to only wearing 1 or 2 rings. Some days my fingers feel naked, but over the years I’ve gotten used to being a non-ring-wearing girl again. Every once in a while I throw one or two on for Saturday night just for jun, but these days I find myself wanting to wear rings that are a bit more grown-up looking. This means no more $10 rings from Claires. 

Found this ring today while flipping through the April issue of Lucky (guilty pleasure #16).













The Farrah Dragon Golden Moth Ring ($660). Available in silver too ($440). Sold by auto. Which brought me to this one, which I love! dragon












Farrah Dragon Silver Poppy Ring ($638). I love this ring because it’s feminine and pretty. The sterling silver makes it a bit more grown up than the rings I wore as a teen, but it’s still fun! And a bonus feature: all of the metals are either 100% recycled or obtained from socially and environmentally conscious sources.

Discovering auto. could be dangerous, since I happen to live not far from the store.  I’m thinking a sunny Sunday afternoon walk thorugh the city could be dangerous if I’m in that neighborhood. That is, assuming that I manage to find a few hudred dollars to spare…