love and spring

April 5, 2009

It’s that time of the year again… Spring is in the air! And we all know what happens in the spring time…

Well, that too.

Today was the first day where I felt like it was really spring. I even went out without a coat! For the first time since moving to Manhattan I felt like I was finally able to enjoy walking down the street, instead of speed walking home so that my nose doesn’t freeze and fall off. What made today even better was the street fair I stopped at on my way home. Sun + street food + shopping = an amazing Sunday afternoon! And you thought I was bad at math.

My favorite vendor of the afternoon: avalove. She is a poet who prints lithographs on clothing. You can purchase her amazing wearable art on etsy. Her work is unique, and each print is made in limited quantities.


It was love at first sight! I didn’t want to spend the money to buy one, but I just couldn’t help it. I was twitterpated!


It’s that time of year again… Tax Season! In true form, I have yet to start on my tax forms yet. So I decided that the best use of my pre-April 15 time would be to go out shop with the refund money that I am hoping to receive.  Good idea, yes? Right.

As you may remember, I have been on the prowl for a fabulous dress to wear to a few summer weddings. Specifically, my little brother will be getting married. An as his older, (mysteriously) single sister from Manhattan, I feel the need to find something fabulous. I’ve been eyeing one at Anthropologie for some time, and decided today to take the plunge.

I went. I shopped. I purchased.

Finely Furrowed Dress

The winner is the Finely Furrowed Dress, available from Anthropologie for $168. So in love. Now I’m off to do my taxes so that I can justify this lovely little purchase. Then maybe I’ll browse the net for shoes, a bag, and a”plus 1″ to match the dress!

Shopping with a purpose.

March 16, 2009

As of this week, I am officially planning to attend three weddings this summer. And it’s only March… I’m scared. They haven’t piled up like this since that last year of college, when so many couples I knew were forced to decide between long-distance communication and long-term commitment. So this means, of course, that I need to find a new party dress. I lied. I’m actually looking for two! (Two of the weddings are family: Girls, you know how it is… ). Although I’m not thrilled about attending three weddings this summer, I am SUPER excited for the excuse to buy fun new dresses. And of course, then I’ll need shoes to match. And then I’ll have to look into bags…

But then I’m diverting from the subject at hand. Dresses! I spent hours on bluefly today scoping possibilities. How cute is this one: A.B.S coral abstract chiffon strapless dress. Bluefly sells for $239 (retail value $400!).


Perfect for a summer afternoon party, pretty, and fun! Now, as usual, I’m left shopping for the perfect shoes and the perfect date.

Party like it’s 1999…

November 16, 2008

Stealing an idea from a dear friend, I’ve decided to put togather an outfit for a fabulous New York, New Years party.

Start with the dress. Here I actually went with one I could possibly afford. I went with black last year, so I decided to look for a little color. Really want a red dress, but couldn’t find one I like. I’m still looking around, but this is my favorite so far: Nicole Miller Satin Bustier Dress, $210 at Nordstrom. Gorgeous.

Now for shoes. Here we move into “who are you kidding” price range. I would LOVE to dance in the New Year in the Valentino Mena Leather Pumps, which would put me out a mere $695 at Saks. Let’s all drool togather over these…


Now for the accessories: I decided to keep my head in the clouds for these. Tiffany’s Victoria earrings are amazing, and would only put me out $6,475. Not that I think I’d ever be invited to a holiday party fabulous enough for these, but remember that I’m already wearing Valentino in this fantasy…


Maybe I’ll pick up a bracelet from H&M, just to even out the cost a little. Now I only have one accessory left to shop for, which may be the hardest to find: a date worthy.

Sweater Season!!!

November 16, 2008

Found this! Love this! Want this!

Anthropologie Lace-Edge Cardigan Sweater. $98.

Can’t post the photo.. but check out the link. While you’re there, look around. Great stuff this season!

Vocabulary lesson

September 10, 2008

Inhabit: (in-ˈha-bət). verb. to occupy as a place of settled residence or habitat : live in

Inhabit: (in-ˈha-bət). noun. my newest discovery: a company selling fabulous and cozy attire: clothes I would love to inhabit.

I did a bad thing. Well, at least it was a bad idea for a girl with no money who has all of her major credit card numbers memorized. I recently acquired a (free!) subsrciption to Lucky magazine. SO much fun to flip through. SO bad for my bank account.

I love fall clothes, so the September and October issues were especially hard to check out and remain charge-free. Hidden near the back of the October issue I found Inhabit, a company selling the tri-fecta of fall clothing: Cozy, Cute, Cashmere. My favorite is the stretch cashmere pointelle cardigan ($358).

 I think I need this one in navy. Or cinder. Or fig. Or maybe I could inhabit all three?  I’ll be taking up a collection for the “Dress Me in Cashmere” fund. Donations are encouraged 😉

I’m thinking fall/winter, maybe for a hot date.  It’s the BCBGMAXAZRIA Faux Wrap Sweater dress. Nordstrom sells it for $270.

 Have I mentioned my love for all things BCBG?

Now all I need is the cooler weather and some cash. Oh – and a hot date…