Tea and Sympathy

May 4, 2010

I have found that the one thing I can expect from life is the unexpected. I know, it sounds cliché. And I really hate to be cliché, although it IS fun to type and say. Cliché (ok I’m done I promise).

As I was saying.

As a child, I always hated those assignments where I was supposed to write out my goals for the year or a 5 year plan. Where will I be in 10 years? What will I hope to accomplish?? What will I have done??? I have no clue. But this is not for lack of having goals or hopes or dreams, I have just always hated putting these on paper. because on paper they become real. Like a contract. Then if I find the list at 30 and it is all wrong –  well I’d just hate that. No offence to those who make life lists – they are just not for me.

So here I am, needing to make some big decisions. And these are all decisions where it would help if I knew where I wanted to be in the next 5-10 years. Oops. As I sit and contemplate which applications to complete, which important forms to sign, and which direction I want to be heading well it’s just all a bit overwhelming. So I fall back on two of my lesser vices- shopping and tea. I wandered onto Tea Forte and there the trouble began…

(pictured: Café Cup, $20)

I have always seen these tea bags and never been able to justify buying them. Apparently they are amazing, but also a bit pricey. THEN I wandered onto the part of the site which suggested that I use their product in my wedding planning, as favors for the shower or reception. Amazing idea! I plan to have tea-related gifts at my wedding or reception. Look at me! All grown up and making plans and goals for the future aren’t you so proud??!

That’s enough planning for this month… I’ll leave plans to make the money and find the man some other day. Until then, cozy up with a cup of hot (or iced!) tea, and leave your unnecessary planning for tomorrow. I’ll be browsing the Tea Forte site and making plans for how to use my next paycheck!


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