In other news…

March 25, 2009

And now for something completely different.

Normally, my lust for material possessions is more focused on pretty and shiny things. As for the more everyday items: these I have (and can generally I can afford). Today I started my daily post-work, tea-and-internet time on the Onion. I (shamefully) admit, I ended up there today by following a link on a friends Facebook page. Judge if you will, but statistically I’d venture to guess that you checked your FB page at least twice today since lunch today…

Anyways, back to the shopping at hand. After browsing through a few breaking news stories, I ventured into the online store for some windows-shopping (Ha Ha. Play on words cuz I use windows. See it’s funny becuase I use windows… Nevermind.). Found a few mugs that I’d love to drink my morning coffee out of! Like this one!


This one is fun too! Especially considering my current level of caffiene consumption, which seems to be slowly working its way back up to it’s college-days level. Both mugs are  sold for $7.99.


Apparently the Onion is good for more than just hard-hitting, serious journalism. Fun for shopping, too!


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