Poppies will make you… drool.

March 22, 2009

In high school and college, I was one of those girls who wears lots and lots of rings. You remember those girls… silver rings of various sizes and shapes on 8 of my 10 fingers. Unfortunatly, I also had a bad habit of playing with the rings, and using them as a distratcion in class. So, over they years I want from owning 8 or 9 rings down to only 4 or 5. Sad. Then, as I started a job and felt the need to appear more grown-up and professional, I went down to only wearing 1 or 2 rings. Some days my fingers feel naked, but over the years I’ve gotten used to being a non-ring-wearing girl again. Every once in a while I throw one or two on for Saturday night just for jun, but these days I find myself wanting to wear rings that are a bit more grown-up looking. This means no more $10 rings from Claires. 

Found this ring today while flipping through the April issue of Lucky (guilty pleasure #16).













The Farrah Dragon Golden Moth Ring ($660). Available in silver too ($440). Sold by auto. Which brought me to this one, which I love! dragon












Farrah Dragon Silver Poppy Ring ($638). I love this ring because it’s feminine and pretty. The sterling silver makes it a bit more grown up than the rings I wore as a teen, but it’s still fun! And a bonus feature: all of the metals are either 100% recycled or obtained from socially and environmentally conscious sources.

Discovering auto. could be dangerous, since I happen to live not far from the store.  I’m thinking a sunny Sunday afternoon walk thorugh the city could be dangerous if I’m in that neighborhood. That is, assuming that I manage to find a few hudred dollars to spare…


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