Shopping with a purpose.

March 16, 2009

As of this week, I am officially planning to attend three weddings this summer. And it’s only March… I’m scared. They haven’t piled up like this since that last year of college, when so many couples I knew were forced to decide between long-distance communication and long-term commitment. So this means, of course, that I need to find a new party dress. I lied. I’m actually looking for two! (Two of the weddings are family: Girls, you know how it is… ). Although I’m not thrilled about attending three weddings this summer, I am SUPER excited for the excuse to buy fun new dresses. And of course, then I’ll need shoes to match. And then I’ll have to look into bags…

But then I’m diverting from the subject at hand. Dresses! I spent hours on bluefly today scoping possibilities. How cute is this one: A.B.S coral abstract chiffon strapless dress. Bluefly sells for $239 (retail value $400!).


Perfect for a summer afternoon party, pretty, and fun! Now, as usual, I’m left shopping for the perfect shoes and the perfect date.


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