Camellia Sinensis Addiction

March 13, 2009

On a serious note, I have a serious Camellia sinensis addiction. To save you the trip to wikipedia: I am addicted to tea. I drink it like it’s my day job. If I could find a job where I drink it for a living, I’d quit my current job in a second and take it. To venture a guess, I probably have over two dozen types of tea sitting in my kitchen at this second (not counting the ten-or-so other teas purchased by roommates). I have them all: black, green, white, red, and herbal. Teas from countless countries and companies, leaves of  several shapes and sizes. And one with blue flowers! I drink strong malty tea in the morning, tasty tea as an afternoon pick-me-up, after lunch tea, after work tea, after dinner tea, and tea to put me to sleep. Oh, it’s a good life!

Today, I had one of those days at work that where I lost all faith in any goodness of humanity. So I cam home and immediately self-medicated with two of my favorite addictions: tea, and of course shopping. I decided to take a little internet-trip to Ten Thousand Villages, becuase where better to restore faith in humanity than a company committed to fair trade? And lots of pretty things too!


This is a handmade cream & sugar set with a woven  bamboo basket.  Sold for $28. With this, I could feel happy for three reasons: 1) it’s pretty, 2) it’s fair trade, and 3) I’d be drinking tea!


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