March 11, 2009

I have always been a bit melodramatic.  When I was younger, I used school plays and such as an outlet for some of this personality flair. These days, I use my roommate and friends (sorry). Of course, some of it MAY show up here on occasion as well!

Recently, I’ve had a bit of drama with a popular delivery services. Actually, two of them. Last week I spent HOURS (20 minutes) on the phone trying to figure out how to pick up a yummy chocolate delight I won in a giveaway by the fabulous theambershow. After the HOURS (minutes) on the phone, I spent DAYS (1/2 hour) waiting at the pick-up site for them to find the box and carry it to the other end of the building. All this occurring on an afternoon that I had actually taken 2 hours off work, with the intention of going home and drinking tea and staring at the wall. Woe is me!

THEN… This week I spent HOURS (minutes) on the phone with the OTHER delivery service, trying to figure out how I could get another delivery held for pickup. [Sidebar: Roommate kindly pointed out that I should just have things delivered to the office and save myself this headache. What’s the fun in that?! Dramatic AND stubborn… It’s like a trifecta of qualities!] So, I come to find out that the package (containing a (RED) iPod shuffle) is somewhere in a pick-up center located at the end of the universe (Brooklyn).  I happened to be going to the end of the world for work today, so I decided to “swing” by on my way back to the office. “Swing” here means going HOURS (minutes) out of my way, and TENS of subway transfers (two).  All this after a dramatic morning (in this case, ACTUALLY dramatic), that I’ll spare you the details of for the moment. So I get off the train, somewhere in Brooklyn that  I can only imagine is near the border of Indiana. I walk through what appears to be an abandoned factory town (hence, Indiana), and finally find a poorly marked door that leads to Narnia. Well, maybe just a pick-up center with my iPod shuffle, but equally exciting!



So, in honor of the arrival of my newest (RED) product, and all the drama leading up to the blessed event, I bring you a very appropriate (and fantastic) find:  the Antoinette Fainting Sofa – Ruby Red. Available online through Urban Outfitters for $575. This couch would be the perfect prop for my little dramatic flair. I’d buy it today, but then I’d have to have it delivered… and that might be a bit too much drama this week. Even for me.


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