Things that I love but will never stop eating no matter…

March 2, 2009

Roommate and I decided to roast a chicken for dinner. I LOVE roast chicken. I love stuffing it full of herbs and onions and garlic.  I shamefully admit that my favorite part of roast chicken is eating the crusty skin. It’s in the same category of coffee, chocolate ice cream, and red wine: Things I love and will never stop eating no matter what the experts tell me . I’d make this my next blog, but the title seems a bit over the edge…

So. Back to the chicken. For all my love of roast chicken, I HATE how long it takes to make. We have an oven that was most likely manufactured when Polk was president, whenever that was. So I rushed home from work to throw it in the oven as soon as possible, with only a short side-trip to the store to shop for some very necessary sake cups. The bird was cleaned and stuffed by 6pm. Only one problem: HUNGRY! Normally at this point, I’d snack on my third love: cheese. But not a crumb of cheese to be found, so we decided to make hummus. If you’ve never had fresh hummus, you should. It is AMAZING. Great idea, but we only have a blender. You know, the make-me-a-power-smoothie or a margarita kind. Not great for hummus. Garbanzo beans don’t take well to these blenders. Not easy to get out. A pain to clean. Grrr. All this frustration, thanks to my Polk-oven’s inability to produce heat, and my refrigerator’s inability to spontaneously produce cheddar. Perhaps a more realistic solution would be a food processor. I want this one!

cuisinartIt is the Cuisinart Pro Classic™ Food Processor, model DLC – 10S. Cuisinart sells it for $99.95. It is a 7 cup. Small for many shoppers, but it if you happened to be space-challenged as I am it’s a good size. Besides, I wouldn’t want the half-sized refrigerator, tiny oven, and mini-microwave to be intimidated by a full sized appliance!


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