Spend to save?

February 7, 2009

According to my most recent bank statement, it is time to do more dreaming and less shopping. Part of my plan to save a little dough it to make my own dough. Well, make whatever food I can at home to avoid take-out and the astronomically overpriced eateries that surround my office ($10 is too much for a cheap salad!).

So, in my dream life and my dream apartment, I would definitely go about making this dough (and other yummy things) with a shiny white KitchenAid mixer. Admittedly, this is not as shiny and pretty as some of the bags, boots, and bangles I’ve written about in the past. But in the end, my lust for shiny kitchen appliances is about equal to my lust for shoes. kitchen-aid

As soon as I manage to find the counter space (and the credit), I’d love to run out and pick up a KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer.  My roommate equally shares my love for this mixer, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She may have even suggested that I post about the mixer. I really want the 6 quart! Perhaps a bit unnecessary for a single gal who usually bakes for one, but sometimes you just NEED to make a double batch of chocolate cookies to eat in one sitting… err… I mean share with friends and neighbors.

cooking.com sells this mixer for $399.95 ($100 off the suggested retail proce!). Definitely a good excuse to spend. I’d be doing it to save, right? Right…


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