In which I decide to purchase a new handbag.

January 24, 2009

About a month ago, I bought a pretty camel-colored bag from Aldo. I loved it. We had some great times togather. And after about a week, one of the snaps broke and the honeymoon was over. I plan to fix it, and in the mean time have been keeping the bag closed and “secure” with an office-style binder clip. Ghetto? Perhaps. But I’m not one to care. My roommate LOVES to harass me about the binder clip. Last night this led to an unfortunate series of events, ending in my deciding it’s time to take the financial hit and buy a better bag.  Also, a trip to a local police station. 

 Yesterday, we boarded a rush-hour, sardine packed subway togather. After we got on, I attempted in my 2 inches of personal space to put my metro-card back into my purse and re-clip said ghetto bag. Roommate decided to watch and laugh and mock. Two stops later: enter stage left bizarre woman with REALLY scary make-up.  We proceded to snicker and try not to stare. Then, roommate she realized she didn’t have her phone. She has a nice phone, so she was understandably pissed. She assumed it was at home, but somehow this turned into a minor, civil but very public “scene” between roommate and I. Thirty blocks later we made up, and went back to mocking bad fashion on the subway. Two hours later her phone calls me. Weird, since it’s sitting at home and no one is there. I answer, half expecting a ghost. It is Police Sgt. Subwayman, informing us that Mr. John Doe Stickyfingers had snatched the phone. Apparently, the whole thing happened while I was binder-clipping my bag.

Moral of the story?  It is time to buy a more secure hobo bag, so that I don’t lose my wallet and become a hobo. After last night, I’m convinced that it is worth the investment. Also, it is a fabulous excuse to go shopping! mickael-kohrs


To help celebrate Purse Shopping Day, let’s look at some pretty (albeit impractical) bags. Like this one! Michael Kors Gansevoort Shoulder Satchel. $428 on the Michael Kohrs website. The green one is my favorite!!


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