2 Turtle Doves

December 23, 2008

Turtle doves? How are these different from real doves? More importantly, why in the world is my true love getting me these for Christmas?

Afte some searching, I was able to find some cute doves. I briefly considered looking for turtles, but I’m less of a fan of turtles than I am of birds (although I did briefly have a pet turtle…).

So I found these Peace Dove Silver Earrings on Etsy. They are going for $25 – which for silver is a steal! I love Etsy!! The seller is Costal Treasures. I am a huge fan of supporting artists and individuals, rather than suporting the ongoing use of tiny unpaid fingers in the third world (end of soapbox for the day).il_430xn_48892538 

Shiny doves for your true love! Or for you!!


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