8 Maids a Milking

December 17, 2008

What in the world have I gotten myself into… Seriously? What kind of of milk maids could I possibly want to purchase? But this is apparently my exercise in persistence.

So after much searching… I found the milk boutique: the clothing store. Most of it is not my style, but I found a gift few items that I think might be entertaining.cookbook1

For $23, the Takeout Cookbook. I love cookbooks, and I love takeout. What more could any single working girl in NYC want? Okay, maybe I can think of a few things…









how-to-get-into-debtAlso, from the Self-Hurt series, How to Get into Debt.  Available for $12. Not that this is a book I need to read (especially as a single girl in New York City with a shopping addiction), but it looks like fun to read! Even though I could have written the book on this myself…

In other news, only eight days till Christmas! Have you finished all your holiday shopping yet? I have a few gifts left to find, but am a bit unsure still what to get a few people. If all else fails, those people will be getting frog cuff links, or maybe some turtle doves. Anyone know where I can find some turtle doves?


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