Party like it’s 1999…

November 16, 2008

Stealing an idea from a dear friend, I’ve decided to put togather an outfit for a fabulous New York, New Years party.

Start with the dress. Here I actually went with one I could possibly afford. I went with black last year, so I decided to look for a little color. Really want a red dress, but couldn’t find one I like. I’m still looking around, but this is my favorite so far: Nicole Miller Satin Bustier Dress, $210 at Nordstrom. Gorgeous.

Now for shoes. Here we move into “who are you kidding” price range. I would LOVE to dance in the New Year in the Valentino Mena Leather Pumps, which would put me out a mere $695 at Saks. Let’s all drool togather over these…


Now for the accessories: I decided to keep my head in the clouds for these. Tiffany’s Victoria earrings are amazing, and would only put me out $6,475. Not that I think I’d ever be invited to a holiday party fabulous enough for these, but remember that I’m already wearing Valentino in this fantasy…


Maybe I’ll pick up a bracelet from H&M, just to even out the cost a little. Now I only have one accessory left to shop for, which may be the hardest to find: a date worthy.


One Response to “Party like it’s 1999…”

  1. amber Says:

    AWESOME! With these outfits, we could take over Manhattan.

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