There’s no place like home…

July 30, 2008

To answer your question…  Yes, I am referring to the Wizard of Oz. No, I did not find a pair of Ruby Slippers that don’t scream “Trick or Treat.” For those of you who are not aware, the Wizard of Oz, like many movies, was first a novel. In the original story, Dorothy wears Silver Shoes, not ruby-studded stilettos. I did look into Ruby Slippers to appease the 8-year-old version of me who wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween (even though I chose to be the witch for 5 consecutive years). The shoes I found were more scary than the witch and all her flying monkeys combined. Judge for yourself…

Where MGM went wrong, L. Frank Baum had it right. Silver shoes were a much better choice. I’d like to believe that Baum had these in mind when he wrote the story. With the help of a modern-day Glinda (called, and $792 (on sale now for $633!!), you too can click your heels togather and go anywhere your heart desires in Christian Louboutin silver beaded satin ‘Perchoir’ slingbacks. And if you have your heart set on the Ruby Slippers, at least with these you still get a little red!


One Response to “There’s no place like home…”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Speaking of The Wizard Oz, this Sunday, over at Yahoo’s The Judy Garland Experience, we will be having a big Oz blowout featuring all sorts of odd and rare WOZ based audio treats.
    If you are a fan of Judy’s or Oz it will definitely be worth your while to check it out.
    Here is the link:

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