July 28, 2008

A recent trip to Manhattan on a Saturday night made me painfully aware of a few things I am lacking. As this blog is dedicated to shopping on a strictly material level, I will spare you from my thoughts on shopping for worthy boyfriend/husband materials. Today I tackle another right-of-passage search that women have endured for years. Forget the perfect man. I want the perfect Little Black Dress.

This weekend I saw happy women who had found their Perfect Match. I saw women who had clearly settled for the Next Best Thing. And I saw women who apparently have no standards and grab the first thing they see. Again, I am still talking about the dresses these women had on, not the men hoping to get those dresses off.

What kind of girl am I? Well I am still searching for my perfect LBD. I have purchased two over the past few years. Neither was perfect, but I loved both for what they were. My first was my New Year’s Eve fling. This one is long-sleeved, and not much fun to wear in July. The other was a more casual love – cotton and strapless. Good for long walks on the beach or to take to a summer party, but not the kind you keep around long term.

In my continued search for the perfect LBD, I did run across this one. I read the profile, loved the pic, and I think we would have some good times togather. My newest love, the Norma Kamali Twist Front Halter Dress, can be found on Nordstrom’s LBD shop. Apprently, you can put a price on love. $275.

Norma Kamali Twist Front Halter Dress - $275

Norma Kamali Twist Front Halter Dress - $275


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