Lazy Susan

June 17, 2008

I have, and always will, hate that turntables are called “Lazy Susan.” It’s just mean. Why is it only Susan who is lazy? I move that they be named after the owner and/or user of the product. My mom has a “Lazy Judy”, my grandma has a “Lazy Dorothy” or a “Lazy Dot.”

That having been said… I spotted these fantastic Lazy Susans at a local craft fair. I was skeptical of the name, but the worm’s eye does some pretty fantastic work. They handcraft tabletops, lamps, and other varous itens out of marble, limestome, glass, gems, and other good stuff. Many of the pieces are painted as well. They will even work with you to customize a piece! The Lazy Susan table that I was drooling over was about $500 (give or take, I forget the exact price…). It even came with an iron stand for use as a table. A multi-purpose Lazy Susan!


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