In love with Delovely

June 10, 2008

It is amazing how a bad day can be so easially cured by a trip to DSW. For me, shoe shopping replaces therapy. A hundred bucks for an hour-long session? Forget that. I’d rather spend it on a pair of heels that I can wear out on a Saturday night and feel fabulous for a few hours, even with the inevitable hangover that shoes and saturdays both seem to bring…

I have been on a color kick since December when I spied a pair of BCBG heels in a briliant blue. The past few months I’ve found myself drooling over yellow shoes. Maybe it’s the weather. I found these
here today and fell in love! They are the Stuart Weitzman ‘Delovely’ Patent Leather Sandal.



3 Responses to “In love with Delovely”

  1. G. Says:

    well, well… look at our little stu all grown up. welcome to the bloggin’ world!

    and, yes, shoes shopping is a good therapy for everything else, but creates a new set of problems for me when i see a pair i can’t afford: depression!

    anyhoo – hope you enjoy blogging! your blog will certainly be added to my morning breakfast routine.

  2. amber Says:

    they’re cute!

    I’m going to make one suggestion for you: have the name and the price in a consistently formatted style, so that readers can check out what they’re looking at and how much it is just by skimming.

    Check out or to see what I’m talking about.

    and loose the burgundy. it is so unfab. –>

  3. susan7896 Says:

    The burgundy is not ideal. I need some time to figure out wordpress and how to customize the site to be more “fab”. It’s not like I’m married to the internet…

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